A Mechanic in a blue jumpsuit repairing steering kit

How to upgrade your truck with Hydraulic Assist steering Kits?

A solid pair of tires and differential lockers are two of the best purchases you can make to make your truck more capable. These enhancements, however, might sometimes come at the expense of your conventional steering system. It is no surprise that adding bigger treads and a traction aid can overwhelm the stock steering, given that most four-wheel drives were never designed to handle much more than a 33-inch-tall tire. If you are looking for an accurate and reliable answer regarding Hydraulic Assist steering kits, Lifted Trucks only in Mesa, AZ is the right place for you.

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Red and White Jeep Rubicon laying parallel

What are the benefits of Lifting your favorite Jeep?

Thinking of being creative with your Jeep? A proper lift can unlock the beast sleeping in your garage. The lift kit could bring out the true off-roading potential of your Jeep. Drivers can conquer a variety of barriers, gain a better viewpoint of the road, or add some intimidation to their new ride by using this alteration. There are a few factors to consider when deciding which Jeep lift kit will best suit your needs and interests, or even if you are looking for a raised Jeep for sale.

Most of the Lifts focus on providing more ground clearance, while some standard kits do not offer much clearance. It would be best to always keep in mind that any modification done to your Jeep might affect the factory-made handling and suspension. So, it is wise to go to the professionals like Lifted Trucks only in Mesa, AZ.

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a mechanics hand working on the engine

What are the advantages of Thermoplastic mast hose over the Rubber hose?

If you’re in the market for a lifted truck, you might’ve noticed that some of them feature thermoplastic mast hoses rather than the more traditional rubber hoses. Wondering what exactly a thermoplastic hose is and what advantages they might have over rubber hoses? We here at Lifted Trucks Only in Mesa, TX, have all the details.

The thermoplastic mast hose is designed to endure tension; the rubber hoses clearly can’t match to bear the stress with minimal stretch. Thermoplastic hoses do not delaminate under tension; they feature a non-stick anti-abrasive outer cover. There’s synthetic reinforcement that does not experience fatigue; they also withstand low temperatures making it the best for a ride through the snow in winter with your favorite lifted truck.

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2021 Ram 1500 TRX rack light showcase

How do I Customize my Pickup Truck with a Lift Kit?

Are you looking to upgrade your Pickup Truck to a powerful and adventurous one? Do you want your truck to look more stylish and stand out on all kinds of terrains? Then customizing it with a lift kit is the answer you are looking for and we here at Lifted Trucks only in Mesa, AZ can help you. The lifting of trucks is a booming trend, and many enthusiasts are looking to be creative. There are four significant aspects of choosing the right lift for your truck; they are the vehicle model, the purpose for your lift, tire size, and the budget. The principal thing you must find out is your machine’s intended purpose and use; this will help you find the right lift you are looking for.

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scuffed wheel

What is Curb Rash?

Curb Rash: What It Is & Where to Fix It

Here at Trucks Only Lifted in Mesa, AZ, we buy and sell a lot of lifted trucks. Sometimes, those trucks have minor cosmetic damage that we have to fix. You know, regular wear and tear from owning and driving a vehicle. One of the more common things we see beside scratches and chips is curb rash.

What is curb rash? Let us show you.

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SUV running boards

What’s the difference between nerf bars and running boards?

Side Steps vs Running Boards: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Get?

Nerf bars, side steps, step bars…no matter what you call them, they’re very popular for trucks and SUVs. As are running boards. Many people even think they’re the same thing. But here at Trucks Only Lifted in Mesa, AZ, we differentiate between the two.

What’s the difference between nerf bars and running boards? Let us show you.

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person pressure washing truck

Is it safe to pressure wash my truck?

Pressure Washing a Truck: Convenient or Damaging?

Here at Trucks Only Lifted in Mesa, AZ, we love decking out trucks. And while we can appreciate an off-roader covered in mud and dirt, there’s something to be said about a freshly washed truck. And there’s no easier way to wash your truck than with a pressure washer. But is it safe? For instance, will a pressure washer chip your truck’s paint?

Is it safe to pressure wash your truck? We’ll take a look at the pressure washing the body, the bed, the undercarriage, and the wheels. Take a look at each section.

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