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Protect Your Tires From Dry Rot

How to Stop Truck Tires From Dry Rotting 

You may think the only concern you need to have about the tires on your truck is the tread depth, making sure the tread depth doesn’t get too low before you buy new ones. The truth is, however, that tires can wear out before that even happens from things like dry rot. So, do you know how to stop your truck tires from dry rotting? 

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Hand on a Gear Shifter

Which Transmission Type is Better for Towing?

Is Towing Easier with a Manual or Automatic Transmission? 

Are you looking for a pickup truck that can tow your trailer? Do you have a boat you need to tow? Before you buy a pickup truck for towing, it is important to know the ins and outs of towing and many potential owners want to know – is towing easier with a manual or automatic transmission? Get the answers you are looking for and find a lifted Chevy Silverado that will fit your needs at Lifted Trucks Only in Mesa! 

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TRD Skid Plate

Do I need a skid plate for my truck?

If you’re shopping for a new truck, or are simply trying to upgrade your current one, and are wondering if you need a skid plate – we’ve got the information you need. A lot of new trucks these days come with at least one skid plate as a standard feature, particularly if that truck is geared towards being an off-road vehicle. But what does it do for you? Do you really need one?

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Should I Get Bigger Wheels for My Truck?

Pros and Cons of Bigger Truck Wheels

Most truck owners want the best of the best for their pickups. This comes with having the optimal wheel size. While some people are comfortable with the wheel size that comes with the vehicle, others want something a bit bigger. The question is: are bigger wheels better for my truck? There are pros and cons that come with purchasing bigger wheels for a truck. We will go over some of these positives and negatives in this blog today.

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person pouring oil into engine

Should I use synthetic or regular oil in my truck?

Oil Change: Synthetic or Regular? Which is Better?

Nowadays, most trucks can use both synthetic and traditional oils. Usually, auto manufacturers recommend synthetic, but your truck will operate perfectly fine on the regular stuff. But which is better?

Should you use synthetic oil or regular oil in your truck? One option is a lot better than the other. Keep reading to see which one.

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